reasons to buy

    Our Do Not Call Registry compliant VIP CRM is a complete, mySQL based customer contact manager specialized for the auto industry.

    Very much like our Tango NG product, VIP will let you do just about anything when it comes to directly marketing to your customers. But there's something different about VIP. It runs over the Internet so you can access your data from anywhere, anytime. And if you have many rooftops, did we mention you can have a centralized Business Development Center with access to all the stores instantly

    VIP has the ability to schedule reminders based on any combination of any field in our database, but also by calculating multiple occurrences (or lack thereof) of past completed activities such as calls, letters and emails, but also service visits, complaints, scripts, events, etc?


Are your salespeople figthing for the next up?

Let WhoZup organize your showroom floor by keeping track of the order of the up distribution. When a salesperson wants to make her/himself available, he just punches in to WhoZup. He will be inserted at the end of the WhoZup list. As salespeople take ups, their name moves up the list until he gets close to the top.

From that point on, salespeople start receiving emails indicating when their turn is coming up.

You are the fifth up! You are the forth up, the third, the second, the next...

This will free up your sales staff to do their follow-ups without risking loosing their turn.

And now with it's mobile formatted web interface, salespeople can access WhoZup from their mobile phones and stay up to date on their status and even enter prospect information straight from it.

And what about a reporting system that will let you know extactly what is going on, on the floor, dynamically.


The eCapture system is a user friendly touch screen system that will allow you to see what your customers are thinking the moment they leave F&I or your Service cashier.

The kiosk will even get the thoughts of your customers that did not buy. This will let you know how your advertising is working and if it was a stock issue or your salespeople need training.

eCapture is available in 2 versions: english/spanih and english/french