June 2015: Tango announces the release of WhoZup-Mobile

    WhoZup users can now access WhoZup from their mobile phone.

    Making themselves active on the floor, taking an up, a beback or an appointment, can be performed right from the simple mobile interface.

    And entering prospect information has never been easier.

    July 2014: Tango announces the release of eBrochure

    Tired of spending thousands every year on brochures for customers. Install our eBrochure unit and eliminate the need for glossy, costly brochures.

    Customer can select the vehicle(s) he/she is interested in, view the brochures on the unit and/or have the kiosk email them the link to the online brochure of their interest.

    What's in it for you? One more way of knowing the people who visit your dealership and get their phone and email address.

    And of course, access your results from anywhere by viewing your reports online.

    April 2014: Tango announces the release of VIP in French and Spanish

    Users of VIP can now select to work with our French or Spanish interface.

    January 2014: Tango announces the release of WhoZup

    WhoZup is now a 23" touch-screen base unit that helps salespeople by letting them enter/maitain an electronic up-list.

    Your salespeople will not have to loose time in the showroom because they are afraid of loosing their turn.

    And of course, no more salespeople hudles. WhoZup will Automatically send them a text/email message to let them know they are third up, second up, next up, etc...

    And of course, access your results from anywhere. View your up reports and know what your team is up to.

    February 2013: Tango teams up with KAARYA LLC of Los Angeles CA

    This business partnership offer dealerships with online appointment booking and 2-way conversations between Service Advisors and Customers using email and Smart telephone texting technology to maintain them in contact.

    The solution also provides customers with online payment capabilities, eliminating the wait at the cashier counter when picking up their vehicle.

    September 2012: Tango teams up with L Square Networks from Toronto

    Tango teams up with L SQUARE NETWORKS of Toronto Canada to offer Honda dealership's service waiting-areas plasma screen displays, updated with current shop status on open repair orders.

    Honda customers can now monitor in real-time the evolution of the repair of their vehicles..